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Hebrew Lesson 1
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אולפן בישראל
ool-pan be-yis-ra-el
Ulpan in Israel
An ulpan is an intensive study center for Hebrew in Israel. It's designed to teach Hebrew (in about 500 hours) and the Israeli culture to adult new immigrants and to build a shared identity so they can be integrated quickly and successfully into the society. The ulpan was created in 1948 when a great number of new immigrants arrived to Israel from all over the world. These immigrants brought different cultures, languages and economic status and needed to be assimilated quickly into the Israeli state. The modern ulpan uses advanced methods and audio-visual aids. The ulpan serves new immigrants for about five months to prepare them for employment. The Kibbutz Ulpan is a program in 15 Kibbutzim combining Hebrew language study with living and working in the Kibbutz. The program is tailored for young adults of 18-28 years.
The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption  ha-mis-rad lek-li-tat a-li-ya   המשרד לקליטת עלייה
The ministry is responsible for the first three weeks of the new immigrants to Israel. It gives the new immigrants an "Absorption Basket" that includes help with employment, and benefits such as payments for accommodation, Ulpan education, and other living expenses.
Hebrew teacher  mo-re le-iv-rit (male)  מורה לעברית
mora leivrit (fem.), morim leivrit (male pl.), morot leivrit (fem. pl.).
New immigrant  o-le ha-dash (male)  עולה חדש
ola hadasha (fem.), olim hadashim (male pl.), olot hadashot (fem. pl.).
Student  tal-mid (male)  תלמיד
talmida (fem.), talmidim (male pl.), talmidot (fem. pl.).
Book  se-fer  ספר
sfarim (pl.), books.
Notebook  mah-be-ret  מחברת
mahbarot (pl.), notebooks.
Table  shool-han  שולחן
shoolhanot (pl.), tables.
Chair  ki-se  כסא
kisaot (pl.), chairs.
Pen  et  עט
etim (pl.), pens.
Pencil  ee-pa-ron  עפרון
efronot (pl.), pencils.