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Hebrew Lesson 1
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תחבורה בישראל
tah-boo-ra be-yis-ra-el
Transportation in Israel
Israel has an advanced road network with 18,000 km of roads (230 km of freeways). The main form of public transport is the bus system. 650 million Israelis used busses (5,940 buses and 8,470 drivers) in 2009. Egged is Israel's largest bus company followed by Dan. The largest bus terminal in the world is Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. The Jaffa–Jerusalem railway was the first line constructed before the founding of the state during Ottoman and British rule. Today Israel Railways extend to 950 km. Future light rail systems are in development in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. The Carmelit, in Haifa, is the only subway in Israel and it is listed in Guinness World Records as the shortest subway system in the world. Israel has six cable car systems: in Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, Mount Hermon, Masada, Rishon LeZion and Rosh HaNikra.
Bus  o-to-boos  אוטובוס
otoboosim (pl.).
Cab / taxi  mo-nit  מונית
moniyot (pl.).
Car  me-ho-nit  מכונית
mehoniyot (pl.).
Bulldozer  dah-por  דחפור
dahporim (pl.).
Crane  a-goo-ran  עגורן
agooranim (pl.).
Police car  me-ho-nit mish-ta-ra  מכונית משטרה
mehoniyot mishtara (pl.).
Fire engine  me-ho-nit ki-booy esh  מכונית כיבוי אש
mehoniyot kibooy esh (pl.).
Cable car  ra-ke-vel  רכבל
rakbalim (pl.).
Train  ra-ke-vet  רכבת
rakavot (pl.).
Subway  ra-ke-vet tah-tit  רכבת תחתית
rakavot tahtiyot (pl.).
Boat  si-ra / sfi-na  סירה / ספינה
sirot (pl.). sfinot.
Cruise ship  o-ni-yat nos-eem  אוניית נוסעים
oniyot noseem (pl.).
Submarine  tso-le-let  צוללת
tsolelot (pl.).
Plane  ma-tos  מטוס
metosim (pl.).
Helicopter  ma-sok  מסוק
mesokim (pl.).
Space shuttle  ma-a-bo-ret ha-lal  מעבורת חלל
maaborot hala (pl.).
Hot-air balloon  ka-door po-re-ah  כדור פורח
kadorim porhim (pl.).