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סקי בישראל
ski be-yis-ra-el
Ski in Israel
Located in the Golan Heights in the north of Israel bordering Syria and Lebanon, Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in the country. Its height is 2814 meters (9230 feet) above sea level. The mountain has snow most of the year and has the only ski resort in Israel. Mt. Hermon has 3 trails: beginners, intermediate and advanced. There are activities for families and children such as mountain slides. The Ski school rents equipment and teaches skiing and snowboarding.
Alpine skiing  gli-sha be-mid-ron  גלישה במדרון
Cross-country skiing  gli-sha be-mi-shor  גלישה במישור
Skier  go-lesh (male)  גולש
goleshet (fem.), golshim (pl.), golshot (fem. pl.).
Ski instructor  mad-rih-ski (male)  מדריך-סקי
madrihat ski (fem.), madrihey ski (male pl.), madrihot ski (fem. pl.).
Ski  mig-lash  מגלש
miglashayim (pl.), מגלשיים, skis.
Ski pole  mot-ski  מוט-סקי
motot ski (pl.), מוטות סקי, ski poles.
Ski boot  na-al-ski  נעל-סקי
naaley ski (pl.), נעלי סקי, ski boots.
Ski suit  ha-li-fat-ski  חליפת-סקי
halifot ski (pl.), ski suits.
Crash helmet  kas-dat-ma-gen  קסדת-מגן
kasdot magen (pl.), crash helmets.
Ski goggles  mish-ke-fey-ski  משקפי-סקי
Cable car  ra-ke-vel  רכבל
rakbalim (pl.), רכבלים, cable cars.
Chalet  ah-sa-ni-yat-gol-shim  אכסנייית-גולשים
Slalom course  mas-lool-sla-loom  מסלול-סללום
maslooley slalom (pl.), מסלולי סללום, slalom courses.