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חיות מחמד בישראל
ha-yot mah-mad be-yis-ra-el
Pets in Israel
32% of the adult population of Israel have pets: dog (20%), cat (10%), fish (8%) and birds (4%). There are estimated 200,000 house cats in Israel. The Israel Center for Dog registration was founded in 2004 and had 350,000 registered dogs by 2008. Just in 2008 about 60,000 new dogs were registered. The most popular dog in Israel is the Labrador (30%) followed by the German Shepherd (28%), and the Golden Retriever (20%). The most popular unisex name is Boni (8%) followed by Simba (5%).
Pet  ha-yat mah-mad  חיית מחמד
hayot mahmad (pl.).
Veterinarian  ve-te-ri-nar (m.)  וטרינר
veterinarit (fem.), veterinarim (male pl.), veterinariyot (fem. pl.).
Trainer  me-a-lef (male)  מאלף
mealefet (fem.), mealfim (male pl.), mealfot (fem. pl.).
Veterinary clinic  mir-pa-a ve-te-ri-na-rit  מרפאה וטרינרית
Cage  kloov  כלוב
kloovim (pl.).
Aquarium  ak-var-yoom  אקווריום
Leash  re-tsoo-a  רצועה
retsuoot (pl.).
Dog  ke-lev (m.)  כלב
kalba (fem.), klavim (pl.), kalbot (fem. pl.).
Cat  ha-tool (m.)  חתול
hatoola (fem.), hatoolim (m. pl.), hatoolot (fem. pl.).
Rabbit  ar-nav (m.)  ארנב
arnevet (fem.), arnavim (m. pl.), arnavot (fem. pl.).
Hamster  o-ger  אוגר
ogeret (fem.), ogrim (pl.), ogrot (fem. pl.).
Fish  dag  דג
dagim (pl.).
Parrot  too-ki  תוכי
tookim (pl.).