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רפואה בישראל
rfoo-a be-yis-ra-el
Medicine in Israel
Magen David Adom מגן דוד אדום (MDA) was established in Israel in 1930. In 1950 MDA became Israel's national emergency service under the Knesset law. It provides first aid, emergency medicine and maintains the national blood bank. MDA means Red Star or Shield of David. It transports patients, such as accident victims, to emergency facilities and doctors and nurses to the victims. In 2006, MDA was recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the national aid society of the state of Israel under the Geneva Conventions. MDA is staffed by 1,200 emergency medical technicians, paramedics and emergency physicians, but relies heavily on its 10,000 volunteers. MDA has 95 stations over the country and 700 ambulances nationwide.
Doctor  ro-fe (m.)  רופא
rofa (fem.), rofeem (m. pl.), rofot (fem. pl.).
Dentist  ro-fe shi-na-yim (m.)  רופא שיניים
rofat shinayim (fem.), rofey shinayim (m. pl.), rofot shinayim (fem. pl.).
Veterinarian  ve-te-ri-nar (m.)  וטרינר
Nurse  a-hot (fem.)  אחות
ah (m.), ahim (m. pl.), ahayot (fem. pl.).
Pharmacist  ro-ke-ah (m.)  רוקח
rokahat (fem.), rokhim (m. pl.), rokhot (fem. pl.).
Patient  ho-le (m.)  חולה
hola (fem.), holim (m. pl.), holot (fem. pl.).
Hospital  beit ho-lim  בית חולים
batey holim (pl.).
Clinic  mir-pa-a  מרפאה
mirpaot (pl.).
Ambulance  am-boo-lans  אמבולנס
amboolansim (pl.).
Operation, surgery  ni-too-ah  ניתוח
nitoohim (pl.).
Illness, disease, sickness  ma-ha-la  מחלה
mahalot (pl.).
Wound, injury  pe-tsa  פצע
ptsaeem (pl.).
Pain  ke-ev  כאב
keevim (pl.).
Shot  zri-ka  זריקה
zrikot (pl.).
Medicine, drug  troo-fa  תרופה
troofot (pl.).
Band aid, Plaster  plas-ter  פלסטר
plasterim (pl.).
Immunization  hi-soon  חיסון
hisoonim (pl.).
Cast  ge-ves  גבס