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Hebrew Lesson 1
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חומרים לעבודות יד
ho-ma-rim le-a-vo-dot yad
Materials for Crafts
Crafts are a main tradition of many Jewish holidays. Rosh Hashanah ראש השנה crafts are Rosh Hashanah greeting cards, table decoration of fish or apples. Sukkot סוכות crafts are decorations for the Sukkah such as: paper chains, wind socks and drawings. Hanukkah חנוכה crafts are dreidels and wooden or metal Hanukiah. Tu Bishvat ט"ו בשבט crafts are flower paper hats, and fruit cups. Family Day יום המשפחה crafts are homemade cards and jewelry. Purim פורים crafts are noisemakers, masks and Purim costumes. Passover פסח crafts are table decoration, table placemat, and Matzah cover. Yom Ha'atzmaut יום העצמאות crafts are usually Israeli flags and blue and white chains and decorations. Shavuot שבועות crafts are flower crown, fruit crate and family tree.
All these crafts and many more are taught in our free Hebrew Podcasts newsletter.
Wax  sha-a-va  שעווה
Wood  ets  עץ
etsim (. pl.).
Clay  hey-mar  חימר
Iron  bar-zel  ברזל
bar-ze-lim (pl.).
Stone  e-ven  אבן
a-va-nim (pl.).
Plastic  plas-tik  פלסטיק
plas-ti-kim (pl.).
Rubber  goo-mi  גומי
Paper  ni-yar  נייר
ni-ya-rot (pl.).
Cardboard  kar-to-nim  קרטון
kar-to-nim (pl.).
Cloth  bad  בד
ba-dim (pl.).
Leather  or  עור
o-rot (pl.).
Glass  zhoo-hit  זכוכית
zhoo-hi-yot (pl.).
Plaster  ge-ves  גבס