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Hebrew Lesson 1
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בנקים בישראל
ban-kim be-yis-ra-el
Israeli Banks
Bank of Israel בנק ישראל is the central bank of Israel. It was founded in 1954 and is located in Kiryat HaMemshala in Jerusalem. The Bank manages the government monetary policy and the target inflation (today a range of between 1 and 3 percent), manages the Foreign Exchange Reserves, and supervises Israeli banks. The IMD's World Competitiveness Yearbook ranked the Bank of Israel first among central banks for its efficient functioning in 2010. The five largest banks in Israel are: Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, Mizrahi-Tfahot Bank, and First International Bank.
Branch  snif  סניף
snifim (pl.).
Teller  te-ler / kas-par (male)  טלר / כספר
telerit (fem.), telerim (male pl.), teleriyot (fem. pl.).
Foreign currency  mat-be-a hoots / mat-be-a zar  מטבע זר / מטבע חוץ
Shekel  she-kel  שקל
shkalim (pl.). The Israeli New Shekel שקל חדש‎, Shekel Ḥadash is the currency of the State of Israel. It is divided into 100 אגורות agorot. The New Shekel replaced the old Shekel in 1986 when the economy stabilized after years of high inflation. 1,000 old Shekel = 1 new Shekel. All dates on Israeli coins are given in the Hebrew calendar and are written in Hebrew numerals. The New Shekel is abbreviated ש"ח (shaḥ) with the symbol ₪.
Credit card  kar-tis ash-ray  כרטיס אשראי
kartisey ashray (pl.).
Automatic teller machine (ATM)  kas-po-mat  כספומט
kaspomatim (pl.).
Share / stock  me-na-ya  מניה
menayot (pl.).
Bond  ee-ge-ret hov  אגרת חוב
igrot hov (pl.).
Deposit  haf-ka-da  הפקדה
hafkadot (pl.).
Withdrawal  me-shi-ha  משיכה
meshihot (pl.).
Savings account  hesh-bon hi-sa-hon  חשבון חסכון
heshbonot hisahon (pl.).
Checking account  hesh-bon o-ver ve-shav  חשבון עובר ושב
heshbonot over vesahv (pl.).
Check  chek  צ'ק
chekim (pl.).
Credit line  kav ash-ray  קו אשראי
Interest  ri-bit  ריבית
ribiyot (pl.).
Percent  a-hooz  אחוז
ahoozim (pl.).
Balance  yit-ra  יתרה
yitrot (pl.).
Debit  ho-va  חובה
hovot (pl.).
Fee  am-la  עמלה
amlot (pl.).