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Hebrew Lesson 1
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היי טק בישראל
hay tek be-yis-ra-el
High Tech in Israel
Silicon Wadi (סיליקון ואדי) is an area near Tel Aviv, with many high tech companies second only to Silicon Valley in California. Israel has advanced technologies, software and electronics because of emphasis on higher education and research and development. The government encourages the industry by providing low-rate loans. Many international technology companies have research and development facilities in Israel such as: Intel, IBM, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and Motorola. The Economist considered Silicon Wadi in 2007 to be second only to Silicon Valley with new start-ups that numbered more than 3,000 in 2006 alone.
High tech company  hev-rat hay tek  חברת היי טק
hevrot hay tek (pl.).
Manager  mna-hel (male)  מנהל
mnahelet (fem.), mnahalim (male pl.), mnahalot (fem. pl.).
Employee  o-ved / sa-hir  עובד / שכיר
ovedet / shira (fem.), ovdim / shirim (male pl.), ovdot / shirot (fem. pl).
Office  mis-rad  משרד
misradim (pl.).
Position  mis-ra / taf-kid  משרה / תפקיד
misrot (pl.) / tafkidim (pl.).
Job interview  re-a-yon a-vo-da  ראיון עבודה
reayonot avoda (pl.).
Resume  ko-rot ha-yim  קורות חיים
Salary  mas-ko-ret  משכורת
maskorot (pl.).
Benefits  tna-eem sots-ya-li-yim  תנאים סוציאליים
Earning  hah-na-sa  הכנסה
hahnasot (pl.).
Investment  hash-ka-a  השקעה
hashkaot (pl.).
loss  hef-sed  הפסד
hefsedim (pl.).
Profit  re-vah  רווח
rvahim (pl.).
Sales  me-hi-ra  מכירה
mhirot (pl.).
Human resource  ko-ah a-dam / mash-a-vey e-nosh  כח אדם / משאבי אנוש
Finance  mee-moon  מימון
Customer  la-ko-ah (m.)  לקוח
lkoha (fem.), lkohot (pl.).
Product  moo-tsar  מוצר
mootsarim (pl.).
Service  she-root  שירות
sherootim (pl.).