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Hebrew Lesson 1
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Welcome  ba-rooh ha-ba (male)  ברוך הבא
Brooha habaa (fem.), broohim habaeem (m.pl.), broohot habaot (fem.pl.). Literally: bless the person who comes.
Good mornings  bo-ker tov  בוקר טוב
Erev tov, good evening. Shavua tov, good week. Shabat shalom, a blessing of peace for shabat (Saturday).
Happy holiday  hag sa-me-ah  חג שמח
Happy new year  sha-na to-va  שנה טובה
A blessing for the Jewish new year. Literally: good year.
Happy birthday  yom hoo-le-det sa-me-ah  יום הולדת שמח
Congratulation  ma-zal tov  מזל טוב
A general good wish for many events such as weddings, birth of babies etc. Literally: good luck.
Good luck  be-hats-la-ha  בהצלחה
A wish of success for an event such as a test. Literally: with succeses.
Well done  kol ha-ka-vod  כל הכבוד
Congratulation for an achievement such as a graduation. Literally: all the respect.
Congratulation for something new  tit-ha-desh (male)  תתחדש
Congratulation for a new purchase such as a new dress or a new house. Tithadshi (fem.), tithadshoo (m.pl.), tithadeshna (fem.pl.).
Cheers  leha-yim  לחיים
A good wish for a long and happy life while raising a glass of wine.
Bon voyage  de-reh tsle-ha  דרך צלחה
A wish of a safe trip. Literally: a successful road. Another wish is: nesia tova. Literally: good trip.
Bless you  liv-ri-oot  לבריאות
A wish of good health after someone sneezes. Literally: to health.
Bon appetit  be-te-a-von  בתיאבון
A wish for good appetite at the beginning of a meal. Literally: with appetite.
Get well soon  hah-la-ma me-hi-ra  החלמה מהירה
Literally: speedy recovery.
Another get well wish is refooa shlema רפואה שלמה.