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Hebrew Lesson 1
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Black  sha-hor (m.)  שחור
shhora (fem.), shhorim (pl.), shhorot (fem. pl.).
White  la-van (m.)  לבן
levana (fem.), levanim (male pl.), levanot (fem. pl.).
The design of the Israeli flag is a blue Star of David (Magen David, מגן דויד) in the middle between two blue horizontal lines on a white background. The white represents purity, honesty, and peace. The colors blue and white were also chosen from the design of the tallit.
Blue  ka-hol (m.)  כחול
khoola (fem.), khoolim (male pl.), khoolot (fem. pl.).
The blue on the Israeli flag represents the color of the sky, loyalty and wisdom.
Yellow  tza-hov (m.)  צהוב
tzehooba (fem.), tzehoobim (male pl.), tzehoobot (fem. pl.).
Brown  hoom (m.)  חום
hooma (fem.), hoomim (male pl.), hoomot (fem. pl.).
Red  a-dom (m.)  אדום
adooma (fem.), adoomim (pl.), adoomot (fem. pl.).
Orange  ka-tom (m.)  כתום
ktooma (fem.), ktoomim (pl.), ktoomot (fem. pl.).
Puple  sa-gol (m.)  סגול
sgoola (fem.), sgoolim (pl.), sgoolot (fem. pl.).
Grey  a-for (m.)  אפור
afora (fem.), aforim (pl.), aforot (fem. pl.).
Pink  va-rod (m.)  ורוד
vrooda (fem.), vroodim (pl.), vroodot (fem. pl.).
Green  ya-rok (m.)  ירוק
yerooka (fem.), yerookim (pl.), yerookot (fem. pl.).
Light blue  the-let  תכלת