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אומנים בישראל
o-ma-nim be-yis-ra-el
Artists in Israel
Chutzot Hayotzer is a Jerusalem art center that was founded in 1969 at the foot of the Tower of David and Jaffa Gate in the Old City. There are 26 art studios that present varied art forms: painting, printing, glass blowing, weaving, sculpting, jewelry, Judaic art, ceramics, woodwork and leather work. The Chutzot Hayotzer fair is a yearly international art fair that comes together every August. In 2008 there were 150,000 visitors in 10 days of the fair. There are many artistic performances at the amphitheater of Sultan’s Pool by the foot of the Old City walls. In 2008 there were 32 international countries that displayed their beautiful art at the fair. Among them: Indonesia, El Salvador, Argentina, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Madagascar, Nepal, China, Poland, Cameroon, Thailand and more.
Artist  o-man (m.)  אומן
omanit (fem.), omanim (male pl.), omaniyot (fem. pl.).
Painter  tsa-yar (male)  צייר
tsayeret (fem.), tsayarim (male pl.), tsayarot (fem. pl.).
Sculptor  pa-sal (male)  פסל
paselet (fem.), pasalim (male pl.), pasalot (fem. pl.).
Potter  ka-dar (male)  קדר
kaderet (fem.), kadarim (male pl.), kadarot (fem. pl.).
Glass blower  me-na-pe-ah zhoo-hit (m.)  מנפח זכוכית
manapahat zhoohit (fem.), mnaphey zhoohit (male pl.), mnaphot zhoohit (fem. pl.).
Jeweller  tah-shi-tan (m.)  תכשיטן
tahshitanit (fem.), tahshitanim (male pl.), tahshitaniyot (fem. pl.).
Weaver  o-reg (m.)  אורג
oreget (fem.), orgim (male pl.), orgot (fem. pl.).
Designer  me-a-tsev  מעצב
meatsevet (fem.), meatsvim (male pl.), meatsvot (fem. pl.).
Photographer  tsa-lam  צלם
tsalemet (fem.), tsalamim (male pl.), tsalamot (fem. pl.).
Writer  so-fer  סופר
soferet (fem.), sofrim (male pl.), sofrot (fem. pl.).
Poet  me-sho-rer  משורר
meshoreret (fem.), meshorerim (male pl.), meshorerot (fem. pl.).
Scriptwriter / Screenwriter  tas-ri-tay (m.)  תסריטאי
tasritaeet (fem.), tasritaeem (male pl.), tasritaeeyot (fem. pl.).
Playwright  ma-ha-zay (m.)  מחזאי
mahazaeet (fem.), mahazaeem (male pl.), mahazaeeyot (fem. pl.).
Actor  sah-kan  שחקן
sahkanit (fem.), sahkanim (male pl.), sahkaniyot (fem. pl.).
Director  ba-may  במאי
bamaeet (fem.), bamaeem (male pl.), bamaeeyot (fem. pl.).
Dancer  rak-dan (m.)  רקדן
rakdanit (fem.), rakdanim (male pl.), rakdaniyot (fem. pl.).
Choreographer  ho-re-og-raf (m.)  כוריאוגרף
horeografit (fem.), horeografim (male pl.), horeografiyot (fem. pl.).
Composer  mal-hin (m.)  מלחין
malhina (fem.), malhinim (male pl.), malhinot (fem. pl.).
Singer  za-mar (m.)  זמר
zameret (fem.), zamarim (male pl.), zamarot (fem. pl.).
Magician  ko-sem  קוסם
kosemet (fem.), kosmim (male pl.), kosmot (fem. pl.).
Entertainer  bad-ran (m.)  בדרן
badranit (fem.), badranim (male pl.), badraniyot (fem. pl.).