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Hebrew Lesson 1
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חיות בישראל
ha-yot be-yis-ra-el
Animals in Israel
Israel's Biblical Zoo is located in Jerusalem on 62 acres of beautiful botanic gardens with a small lake and waterfalls. The main theme of the zoo is biblical animals, many of which can still be found today at zoos in Israel such as lions, bears, and crocodiles. Another theme of the zoo is the rescue of some of the world's endangered species, such as the macaw, ibis and the Asian elephant. There are more than 1,000 individual animals of 170 species at the zoo.
Zoo  gan ha-yot  גן חיות
ganey hayot (pl.).
Mammal  yo-nek  יונק
yonkim (pl.).
Reptile  zo-hel  זוחל
zohalim (pl.).
Bird  tsi-por  ציפור
tsiporim (pl.).
Fish  dag  דג
dagim (pl.).
Insect  ha-rak  חרק
harakim (pl.).
Cub  goor  גור
goorim (pl.).
Egg  bey-tsa  ביצה
eggs (pl.).
Lion  ar-ye  אריה
arayot (pl.).
Bear  dov  דב
doobim (pl.).
Elephant  pil  פיל
pilim (pl.).
Monkey  kof  קוף
kofim (pl.).
Snake  na-hash  נחש
nhashim (pl.).
Lizard  lta-a  לטאה
ltaot (pl.).
Dolphin  dol-fin  דולפין
dolfinim (pl.).
Whale  liv-ya-tan  לויתן
livyatanim (pl.).
Fly  zvoov  זבוב
zvoovim (pl.).
Butterfly  par-par  פרפר
parparim (pl.).