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Hebrew Lesson 1
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אותיות השפה העברית
o-ti-yot ha-sa-fa ha-iv-rit
The Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew letters look quite different than English, some of their sounds are not found in English, and they are written from right to left, nevertheless, the two alphabets are not as different as it first appears.
For starters, even the word alphabet is similar to the Hebrew אלפבית. Alphabet originates from the first two letters in Hebrew, אלף and בית, as well as the Greek alpha and beta.
Hebrew letters can also be used as numbers, with א being 1, ב being 2, and ג being 3. For example, יום ג' means Tuesday, which is the third day of the week. יום ו' is Friday. (Saturday however is special, it’s יום שבת.)
There are five Hebrew letters that are written differently when they are at the end of a word. Those are the terminal letters.